Terms and Conditions


You are considered to be a "User" if you register to be a member on www.quikconsult.com. You are considered to be a "Consultant" if you complete the Consultant application on Quikconsult's Online Consulting Platform and your profile has been activated by Quikconsult.

By using Quikconsult's Consulting website, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

    • In order for a visitor to use any of the features or offerings on Quikconsult's Consulting Website, the visitor is required to open an account. All consulting services require payment of a fee. Before using pay services, the Consultant would be required to provide payment information via the account on Quikconsult. Quikconsult uses a third party credit/debit card processor to process and store the card information.

    • If a visitor wishes to be a Consultant on Quikconsult's Consulting Platform, the visitor will be required to submit Personal Information as requested. Any information supplied by or on behalf of a visitor for purposes of becoming a Consultant may be maintained by Quikconsult as well as other third parties. Please note that any Consultant wishing to join Quikconsult’s Consulting Platform, must comply with Quikconsult’s  Privacy Policy. Such Policy is  available at the time of a Member choosing to become a Consultant.

    • The Consultant must not disclose any personal information like: personal email id, skype id, contact number etc., requested by any of the users seeking consultation via Quikconsult’s Consulting Platform.

    • Quikconsult maintains transcripts of chats, emails and other written communications conducted between you and any Consultant or Member or Quikconsult using Quikconsult's products and services. 

    • When you sign up to become a User or a Consultant, you may sign up to receive information, news and other content related to new and existing products and services related to Quikconsult and also the events and other information related to Quikconsult that may be of interest to you.

    • If you need technical support related to www.quikconsult.com, you will need to write to contact@quikconsult.com, clarifying your technical support request.

    • From time to time, we may offer promotions on www.quikconsult.com. If we do, and if you wish to participate, you may be required to provide Personal Information, such as contact information.

    • Quikconsult will be entitled to charge a nominal fee from Consultants for making use of Quikconsult’s Consulting Platform to provide their expert advice to users.