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  • Not Rated Yet
State: Tamil Nadu
    Specialist in : Astrology
    Education : MA.,MSc.,CAIIB,DA
    Expert in : Spiritual
    Experience : 30 years
    Fees for chat : 1000 INR
  • jaijith

  • Not Rated Yet
State: Kerala
    Specialist in : Mantra and Tantra
    Education : Engineer
    Expert in : Spiritual
    Experience : 6 years
    Fees for chat : 800 INR
  • Pardeep Kumar

  • Not Rated Yet
State: Punjab
    Education : M.Tech
    Expert in : Spiritual
    Experience : 4 years
    Fees for chat : 700 INR
  • Rikhav R Khimasia

  • Not Rated Yet
State: Odisha
    Specialist in : Astrology
    Education : B.B.A (International Trade & Marketing Management)
    Expert in : Spiritual
    Experience : 20 years
    Fees for chat : 500 INR
  • Sonal Vyas

  • Not Rated Yet
State: Madhya Pradesh
    Specialist in : Alternate healing
    Education : MCM, MBA, MS in Counselling & Psychology
    Expert in : Spiritual
    Experience : 15 years
    Fees for chat : 2000 INR
  • Amit Mudgal

  • Not Rated Yet
State: Haryana
    Specialist in : Meditation
    Education : PGDM
    Expert in : Spiritual
    Experience : 6 years
    Fees for chat : 200 INR
  • Manish Khernar

  • Not Rated Yet
State: Gujarat
    Specialist in : Hypnotherapy
    Education : Doctor of Alt Medicine
    Expert in : Spiritual
    Experience : 5 years
    Fees for chat : 0 INR
  • Joydev

  • Not Rated Yet
State: Uttar Pradesh
    Specialist in : Alternate healing
    Education : M. B. A
    Expert in : Spiritual
    Experience : 13 years
    Fees for chat : 1500 INR

We all experience difficult times and could use expert advice to stay motivated, optimistic, and spiritually healthy. Quikconsult brings top astrologers, psychics, tarot card readers, numerologists, reiki/energy healers, and life coaches of India on live chat and email to help you overcome stress and challenges of life. Find best spiritual counselors of India at our secure consulting platform to get expert advice 24/7.

Why Quikconsult for spiritual advice?

• Quikconsult is the largest consultant community of spiritual healers and therapists in India which includes astrologers, psychics, tarot card readers, numerologists, reiki healers, clairvoyants, and spiritual gurus.
• All the spiritual consultants and gurus of India are verified and have over 10 years of experience in their respective fields.
• Quikconsult brings powerful search functionality which makes it easy to discover the right spiritual consultant to discuss your problems.
• Discuss your spiritual problems from the comfort of your home or office since Quikconsult enables spiritual advice and consultation through email and chat.
• We understand the confidential nature of your communication, and that’s why we have made provision of secure email and chat consultation.

With Quikconsult, you can seek online advice, guidance, and counseling on chat and email related to:

• Alternate healing
• Meditation
• Astrology
• Numerology
• Psychics
• Reiki
• Tarot reading
• Stone healing
• Energy therapist
• Pranic healing
• Bars
• Family constellation
• Hypnotherapy

If you ask for help, it will come in interesting ways. Indian spiritual healers and experts at Quikconsult are providing it in India through live chat and email, 24/7. Talk and get advice online from verified life coaches, healers and therapists of India to live a better life!