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  • Prabhat Mandal

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    Education : B Tech
    Expert in : Parenting
    Experience : 12 years
    Fees for chat : 500 INR

Parenting is challenging especially in nuclear families of modern India. Consult our experienced parenting experts to share all your queries about discipline, homework, education, and time management. Our verified parenting and child care experts will answer your queries about raising your children in the best possible way. We are the best online parenting advice website of India.

Why Quikconsult for parenting advice?

There are many ways to seek parenting advice and counseling (reading parent magazines and parenting blogs) but most of them are time consuming. Since it’s hard for working parents to count on them, Quikconsult came up with a platform where parenting advice can be sought from top parenting consultants through live chat and email. Here are advantages:

Time savings: A lot of time is saved through live chat with parenting consultants. This gets you instant help for your queries. Quikconsult is a growing network of top parenting and child care consultants willing to help Indians with every parenting query.

Vast experience: As top parenting advice platform, Quikconsult hosts verified parenting consultants and experts from India with an average experience of 10 years. Also, our verified parenting and child experts are 24/7 at your service.

Extremely affordable: Why pay thousands in fee to offline parenting consultants when you can get the same expertise at half the price? Gain access to the best parenting experts and advisers online to seek help on childcare, nutrition, vaccination, psychology, homework and school.

Also, Quikconsult has 100% secure in terms of data and payments.

Quikconsult is one of the leading online parenting advice websites of India and helps people connect with right experts for children advice in India. Request a chat or choose email consultation to share your questions about parenting. Start an online consultation session today with top rated parenting counselors of India!