Help FAQ

Register. It is completely free. Whether you are looking for advice as a User or offering advice as a Consultant, you will need to create an account. So your first step is to register. Users can easily find Consultants to help with their questions by clicking on any of the categories or by using the search bar

Absolutely ! Quikconsult is 100% free to join for everyone. You only pay when you book a Consultant that charges for sessions.

Consultants can choose if they can be available for live chat or for email consultations only. Consultants marked with an “Online” button can be texted by any User by clicking on "Free chat"



Registering as a User takes only a minute and is free of charge. Please click on “User login” button in the top-right corner. Provide a username/e-mail ID and a password and you are done.

Please click on “forgot password” in login box to get a new password. If you experience other login issues, contact us by email or by filling up the help form.

What a session costs depends entirely upon the Consultant you book. You can always compare Consultant charges before you book them. We do not charge any service fees or add-on costs for booking a Consultant.

First you need to register as a User, then log in with that account, check your selected Consultant's fees for email consultation and make the payment. Now on the profile page of the given Consultant, click on "Email Consultant" to send a message to the person. You will receive the answer in your inbox.




Click on "Become a Consultant". Fill in all the profile information and other required fields. You will be seen as a Consultant under your respective category, once we accept your profile.

Yes ! Anyone can become a Consultant, however before your account can go live, your information will be checked and only after our team gives the go ahead, you can schedule sessions. We give every Consultant the benefit of doubt that they are credible and telling the truth about their expertise.

There is no monthly membership fees to become a Consultant. However, Quikconsult charges a 10% flat commission on all your consultations.

There are too many benefits to point out. But here are a few:

  • We do all your administration and planning.
  • You can start earning money from day 1.
  • You build reputation.
  • Working with Quikconsult is innovative, lucrative, fun and lots more.

You get paid on every 30th of the month.

We currently support only fixed price sessions. Consultants have a price per session.




All browsers are supported by Quikconsult but we have a very strong preference for Chrome.

Yes, our website works fine on mobile devices, ipad, tablet. You can search and book sessions via mobile devices as well.