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    Ground Strategy Consulting is an Indian consulting firm which helps its international clients in understanding every aspect of trade that can play a vital role while doing business in India. We prepare businesses by providing them information of their market, competition and feedback from their customers reflecting a true picture thus resulting in better preparedness before they set their own footprint in India. We believe that the Industry Trends, Analysis and Reports could give a business great insight & be a good reason to be bullish about the market but finding Ground Reality pertaining to their own product or service offering is a must for success. We equip businesses with answers to the questions below: Is there a market in India for our products & services offerings? Who & Where in India is my market? How Big is the market? What is the price expectation of the market? If India is a different market, in what ways, is it different in relation to offered product or service portfolio. We provide all realistic information & tools for our clients that help them write their Ground Strategy for the Indian market & helps them in creating a successful base in India. Our clients Goal for India market is Our Mission - Our work is to assist the global companies to speed up their growth and reduce their risk in India. We bridge the gap that exists between the companies perception about Indian market and the reality from Ground. We simplify the intricate procedures for a successful establishment in India through our experience & knowledge of regulation, policies and findings on competition and challenges prevailing in Indian Market specific to clients offerings. We value add our domestic clients in areas of Compliance Audits and for our International Clients apart from help in designing the Ground Strategy we hand hold through our experienced & valued partners in the areas of Acquisitions, JV or opening of subsidiary or Liaison office in India or hiring the talent. At GSC I define the go-to-market strategy for clients. It is my role to guide our international clients in understanding every aspect of trade that can play a vital role while doing business in India. Sensitizing about market expectations, competition present and feedback from their prospective customer base reflecting a true picture of the Ground reality, which enables in better preparedness before formulating or executing a strategy is my domain. My focus is to simplify the intricate procedures and promote ease of doing business in India. • Already empanelled with few Indian entities to lead & manage their Strategic Business initiatives. Initiated activities that resulted in marketing without spending for it. • Performed duties as an on ground resource person for few foreign companies. • Helped gather qualified audience by bringing decision makers for an Integrated Software solution provider with presence in Asia at their launch event in India.