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    Rajneesh Jain is Founder of Corem Sales Consulting, which he started in July 2013 with a vision to "Empower The Core" , transform technology startups and mid-size growing businesses into profitable business houses. With over 20 years+ of successful career in business building and sales, Rajneesh is known for his "no-theory" approach of taking any business from any situation to the desired levels. He has worked for F500 companies like IBM, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Ingram Micro etc and has been recipient of prestigious awards for his sales leadership and performance. ? Corem Sales Consulting has also been rated as India's "25 Most Promising Management & Strategy Consultants".? GETTING THE TECH STARTUPS AND GROWING BUSINESSES ON FAST TRACK Corem have consulted more than 65 technology startups and growing companies, worked with more than 400 entrepreneurs, professionals & students, conducted numerous workshops and have reached more than 75 businesses globally. RAMPING UP THE BUSINESS AND SALES GROWTH Practical realistic strategies start giving results within few months.? Revenue Growth from 13% to as high as 100%+ and more. Speciality Areas : B2B, Technology/Solution Selling, Strategic Sales, Channels, Competitive Sales, Marketing, Product Management Field Experience : Sales Growth, New & Strategic Initiatives, Large Accounts, Territory & SMB Management, Sales Leadership & Channels AMAZON BEST SELLER * "The Desert Of Sales" (http://amzn.to/2eqz0Lm) * "How To Come Out Of The Slumps in Sales & Break Your Own Revenue Records" (http://amzn.to/2eqB71M) Also Authored "How To Build A BlueChip Startup" (FREE TO DOWNLOAD) (https://goo.gl/dtk272) Field of self-empowerment and human potential : Certification from Symbiosis USA, & Christopher Howard's NextGen Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Leadership. Web : www.CoremSalesConsulting.com