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    The less travelled areas are gaining more attention. The less is making you travel more. Traveling is not only physical but mental too. It is exercise done in life in order to wider your experience and with each experience less travelled area is gaining more visibility. Visibility makes your life easier and it is the job of an INFLUENCER or LIFE COACH. The decision to be a life coach is never an easy one. After all it requires a lot of traveling in within. We all know a world lives within. It becomes sad. It becomes happy. Actually there is a child living within and each time you need to help the child to grow and learn to take on their responsibilities. In a normal course of language this is job of a life coach or an influencer. I have been associated with my brain child “DIET CLINIC” for last 12 years and my wife Sheela Seharawat is a renowned name in diet industry. We have been working together and have brought it to this level. I am CEO here. So, I can never think of myself being far away from the wellness segment. I am a wellness influencer too. Change never just happen. It is gradual process. It grows and develops slowly like a baby tree. It crosses from several experiences and finally it takes its shape and most importantly it brings fruits to life. Life coach helps in finding that shape to which you can grow. Your roots can gain strength and motivation and courage built you in becoming a big strong tree which can live longer and can create a legacy and become legendary. Helping someone like this needs the basic ground level changes which we call clearing of the mental cobweb. No matter if you are a school-going kid or an employee in a NMC firm or an employer himself but mind always needs cleaning. You always fill yourself with thoughts. Too many thoughts can spoil any brain. Too much of secretion of chemicals in mind can get your mind away. Your mind needs rest. Your soul needs a place to learn to rest. That is why we call someone as LIFE COACH. They help you in building. I work with you. I walk with you in your shoes. I clear your ways so you reach your goal. Thanks for reading Rajiv Seharawat