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    A psychiatrist / mental health professional with of work experience from October 2011 onward in the field of mental health care. I believe in simplicity and honesty. Some sort of spirituality is also inherent in my persona. Other people perception about me is an well mannered and conscientious person, able to converse in a polite and courteous manner, possessing excellent inter-personal and communication skills and is approachable, cheerful and friendly. May be all these traits are due to my profession or maybe I am a psychiatrist due to all these inherent in me. I am fully aware of the needs of a contemporary and diverse / multicultural society, now looking forward to make an effective contribution in a reputed organization. I would like to gain ample amount of experience in the mental health care field by diagnosing and treating as many as possible number of patients daily with my full sincerity and hard work. Long-term career goal is to be a successful psychiatrist by helping people manage and live happily with various health conditions. Specialties: Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Criminology, Substance Abuse, Psycho-Pharmacology