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    Eminent speaker, advocacy expert on urban/ vertical / precision farming/ robotics & AI in agriculture for branding of your event. Dr. Anirudh Garg: An experienced, energetic & development minded person. He holds an honors degree in agricultural economics from the Punjab Agriculture University, MBA & a PhD in management. Deeply a community oriented person, he has always been fascinated with futuristic developments. Dr. Garg carries rich corporate & academic experience. He has stood strongly for bold and innovative approach to problem solving. Extensively travelled throughout India, he has special commitment to Indian agriculture: has been there for more than three decades! He is accredited with the success of agricultural technologies in India namely hybrid technology in seeds, biotechnology in agriculture, drip & sprinklers in water management, bio pesticides in organic farming. He engages himself passionately in developing and creating products and services that would have lasting impact on society. Truly a community entrepreneur, he is gifted with innovative, scientific thinking. Though he has largely stayed on a pro agriculture career track, he loves to follow a path least anticipated by others. Rather than diving deep into the single discipline, he enjoys working in the less inhabited, peripheral disciplines. Dr. Garg readily engages himself with complex problems, brings out profitable engagement systems. He strongly believes: there has to be creative and business challenges before emerging technologies. Till recently he was working as an Assistant Registrar & Professor at a prominent private university in north India. Presently besides being at Institute of Urban Farming & Sustainability, India as Chairman, he is also Chief –Technology Office at Agrilife Ltd: a Hyderabad based Indian MNC. Many of his recent published papers, chiefly: Advances in Plants & Agriculture Research ISSN: 2373-6402APAR: Recent Trends in Agriculture: Vertical Farming and Organic Farming have been well received globally. Adding to his introduction he says “one of the most important choices I made in my life was choosing to work on Urban Farming & Sustainability”. Which in his own words ‘I didn’t even realize. It was out of market sensitivity’. He attributes his professional development to his peers, professors. Revered among his teachers, friends & alumni; he is a social media savvy person. He advocates integration of human values with technology to get the best !